Sponsored post – Why Table Games Can Be Your New Hobby

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Like most activities, table games are a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Table games also offer a lot of health benefits. Although addictive, table games are hobbies that can keep you entertained. Below are some reasons why table games can be your new hobby.


  1. Helps with Hand-Eye Coordination

Most table games like Table Tennis help improve and stimulate concentration as well as tactical strategy. This is because there are so many variations to the ball, hence, one requires a high level of hand-eye coordination in order to be successful.


  1. Stimulates the Brain

For one to excel in table games, he or she needs to be able to anticipate the opponent’s shots. The prefrontal cortex helps in strategic planning. Because the games involve physical activity, different parts of the brain like the hippocampus are stimulated. Hippocampus helps us form and retain events and long-term facts.


  1. Improves Reflexes

When played regularly, table games such as ping pong sport can improve reflexes. Both fine and gross muscles are improved due to the short-distance and fast-paced nature of the sport.


  1. Burns Calories

Another reason why you want to consider table games as a hobby is due to the fact that they help burn calories when played at an intense rate. Research has shown that by playing a game like Table Tennis for one hour, a 68-kilogram person can burn up to 272 calories. When playing such games, you will be involved in running back and forth in order to catch the ball.


Of course, cardio is very beneficial in losing weight. And since table games are very addictive and entertaining, they are an easy way to shed off some weight.


  1. Helps Children Focus

An important benefit of table games as a hobby is that it helps children develop and maintain focus. In most cases, children have problems focusing and paying attention to the things they do. With table games, they can develop the ability to focus.


  1. Develops Mental Acuity

The sport helps develop mental acuity of players which is essential in solving puzzles. According to Alzheimer Weekly, table games help increase cognitive awareness and motor skills. Studies in Japan also show that table games likeTable Tennis increases the flow of blood, which helps prevent dementia.


  1. Improves Balance

In order to be successful in table games, one has to learn how to maintain balance and change direction quickly. This helps improve balance especially for the elderly.


  1. Helps in Socializing

Have you just moved into a new town and you find it hard to make new friends? Well, table games can be a great way to break the ice and make new friends. Most community centers offer an opportunity where individuals can engage in different table games like table tennis. Once you play a couple of games, you will find that it is much easier to develop friendship with other people.


Besides being a social outlet, table games also offer a great opportunity for parents and children to connect and build a lasting bond. This is good if you are having trouble connecting with your children as it will create lasting memories.


  1. Gives Entertainment

Apart from keeping your mind focused, table games are really fun and entertaining. Table games are perfect for individuals who are looking for fun activities to play with family and friends.They’re the perfect thing to do during parties with friends or reunions with the family at home.


  1. Promotes Healthy Competition

By engaging in competitive table games, you will learn the thrill of improving your game and staying on top of your competitors. Of course, just like in any games or sports, you may lose or win.


The benefit of playing table games as a hobby is that you become better after losing and you learn how to handle wins without making your friends feel inferior for losing. Ultimately, table games teach you the value of sportsmanship. And if you want to have your kids learn this, table games are the perfect springboard.


  1. Promotes Healthy Relationships

Some studies show that when couples play games together, they create a lasting bond. Table games are one way for couples to improve their relationship since they work as a team in order to solve a problem. This also helps improve their interaction which is essential in solving disagreements.



There are many reasons why table games can be your new hobby. Not only are table games fun and entertaining, but they are also a great way to build relationships, improve reflexes, cut calories, and even boost the brain. With table games, you can get heaps of health benefits. Therefore, take your hobby to the next level by practicing table games and learning everything about the sport.

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Sponsored post – DIY Car Repair that You Should Know

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With the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, owning a car can be costly. That’s why learning simple car repairs can be very helpful for you as a driver. In this article, let’s get to know strong men: DIY car repair that you should know.


Common Car Troubles

You may have experienced driving to work or school when you suddenly see something unfamiliar light up or you hear something unusual while driving your car. Before situations like this happen, you need to take precautionary measures because you don’t want to feel helpless if you break down in the middle of nowhere.


Here are some common car troubles that you should be aware of:

  • Flat tire
  • Oil Change
  • Dead Battery



How to Change a Flat Tire?

The most common repair that every driver should know is how to change a spare tire by themselves. The basic necessities needed when changing a flat tire are a spare tire, a jack, wrench, and the car’s manual.


  1. When you realize that you have a flat tire, scan your surroundings for a safe location to pull over. A wide, flat space is an ideal place for you to change your tire. Gradually slow down while looking for a lot to pull over in. Apply the parking brake and turn on your hazard lights.


  1. If you are situated at the shoulder or at the side of the road, have your hazard lights turned on or place three reflective triangles behind your car. This is for other drivers to be aware of your presence.


Put wedges by your car tires to make sure your car does not roll over while you are changing the tire. A large rock, brick, or wood can be used.


  1. If the lug nuts of the tires on your car are covered, remove them using the flat end of the wrench. Once the lug nuts are exposed, loosen them by turning them counterclockwise from one-fourth to half a turn but only until that portion. This step may require full force as they are tightly screwed on.


  1. This is when you place the jack under the car. It is advised to put a piece of wood underneath the jack to establish stability. You then raise the car until the tire is six inches from the asphalt. The next step is to remove the lug nuts.


  1. Remove the tire by holding onto the treads and place it sideways to avoid it from rolling away. Put the extra tire on the rim of the lug bolts and gently push until it is completely all the way in. Place the lug nuts onto the bolts and tighten by hand with as much force as you can muster.


  1. Slowly, place the vehicle down using the jack until the wheel touches the ground. Do not put the weight of the vehicle just yet because you will tighten the lug nuts with the wrench in a clockwise motion. This requires as much force as you can give. Place the car on the ground and tighten the nuts again.


  1. Be aware of the pressure the tire’s state is in. Some tires are not meant for long-time use because they are only made for temporary use. Clean up all your tools and equipment. Take your car to a technician to assess whether the tire needs replacing or repairing.


It would be good to invest in quality tools. If you are looking to buy a car jack, you can read a floor jack review to see which jack fits your needs.



What to Put in Your Roadside Emergency Kit?

Unforeseen circumstances happen all the time, so having an emergency kit when this kind of situation arises is a good preparation. Here are the items you should put in your roadside emergency kit:


  • First aid kit
  • Drinking water
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Blanket
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Reflective triangles
  • Cloth rags
  • Jumper cables
  • Granola bars or dry snacks
  • Rain poncho
  • Gloves


These items are mostly for you and your passengers’ safety; the others are tools for instances of breakdowns and repairs.



Maintenance is Key

Most car problems are avoidable if the car is well-maintained. Regular trips for checkups at the shop will help reduce the instances of having to encounter unwanted emergencies or breakdowns. Keep tabs on your car’s condition to also assess whether some repairs can be fixed by yourself or with the help of a car professional.




It’s nice to know about strong men: DIY car repair that you should know. By learning simple car repairs, you can save money and even save yourself in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken car.

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Sponsored Post – Making the First Move: Single Asians

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Making the First Move: Dating Single Asians

A new pattern can be seen in the dating world, more
westerners are being attracted towards Asian singles because of their basic
behavioral patterns. Although Asians are quite friendly and down to earth
people it’s important to restrain yourself from offending them, and we will be
discussing everything about dating an Asian in this article.

With the introduction of online dating, finding an Asian
single is not a big task anymore all you need to do is Google Asian Singles Near me
and you will be showered with many dating websites and apps that facilitate the
service of meeting Asian singles.

Few common traits about Asians

I am very much against stereotyping any particular community
or race but it’s important to understand the general behavioral patterns of
Asians to save yourself from ruining your date.

Family oriented

Most of the Asians are born in a joint family environment
and are very much affectionate towards their family; it’s not a good idea to
speak any foul words about family members. It’s okay to ask them about their
family but making fun of them because they are still living with their parents
is an instant date killer.

Hard working

Most of the Asians are hardworking and they appreciate
people who are focused on work. Most of the Asians come from a background where
their family worked hard to raise them and they know the value of hard work.

Good with finance

They might arrive at your country as an immigrant or
employee or as a student to complete their studies, in all the situations they
were required to be highly focused on good management of finances. Showoff
won’t work with most of the Asians, especially when they are planning to find a
long-term partner, impress them with your practical and down to earth behavior.

Not going to run away from responsibilities

Many people are more inclined towards dating an Asian
because they are much better at handling responsibilities in comparison to

Asians are good at long-term commitments and they won’t run
away even if you want to have a discussion about babies.

Stay away from stereotyping

Knowing the general behavior of any particular community is
fine but predicting that every person from that community is going to have the
same behavior is totally crazy.

Before you make your mind to date an Asian start visualizing
them as an individual person instead of treating them as a commodity with the
same personality trait.

It’s not necessary that every Asian like to stay with family
or is hard working, and every Asian is not a marriage material either. You need
to understand their unique personality traits and judge them on the bases of
their own personality. 

Pay attention to the body language cues

Instead of acting like a confident idiot it’s important to
start paying attention to the body language of the person you are about to

I understand that you are excited to date an Asian but it’s
essential to stay calm and keep a watch at their body language, there are many
things that can offend or embarrass them, stay sensitive towards their
reactions if you really want to date him/her again. 

The first conversation should be light and jovial

Let’s not make it a universal phenomenon but this is
something I experienced while dating an Asian, people I went on date with were
quite shy and gentle Asians and they weren’t really comfortable at noisy
nightclubs for the first meet.

Its best practice to meet at a coffee shop or for lunch
date, there are going to be many things that you both need to talk about and a
date at a silent and calm place is the best way to keep the conversation
healthy and joyful.

Being honest and straightforward with Asian Singles is the best

Since most of the Asians not really appreciate the showoff,
the best way to pull their interest is to be honest and straightforward. We are
living in a world where everyone is pretending to live much better live but the
truth is something else.

They are hard to pick up

In contrast of many movies and television series Asian
singles are quite hard to pick up and if you think it’s going to be easy
encounter then you definitely need to rethink about your strategies. An Asian
will look at many personality characteristics before they fall for you. Stay
calm and start being a good listener if you really want to improve your chances
of dating an Asian single.

Dating an Asian single is going to be all new experience for
you and you need to tighten your belt to experience a whole new dating world.
It’s not going to be as easy as shown in movies but all the hardship will be
worth every penny.

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Sponsored post – Here’s the Best Mattress Sleeping Position for Weightlifters

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I love to lift. The feeling of power as you hit that last rep and set a new personal best, only to be frustrated by not being able to now beat your personal best, is a feeling like no other. As someone who lifts, it is critical that I have the best night’s sleep. Any athlete needs to sleep well to get the best out of themselves. If you have poor sleep, you can run the risk of injury.

Bad sleep can put a strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. If your muscles are sore, then they are useless for lifting (or anything else). When I sleep, I need my muscles to recover and become stronger. I need my entire body to recover and become stronger. A great sleep can do wonders, but poor sleep can ruin me for days. So, what is the optimum sleeping position?


On your chest


If there is one position you want to avoid, it is sleeping on your chest. Mattresses and pillows were designed to align your spine and cradle your neck and head. When you are on your front, your head is out of position. When your neck is crooked, then your spine is not aligned, and you are sleeping for hours with your spine in the wrong position. We need our spines for lifting, so I try to avoid sleeping on my chest completely.


Type of mattress


The quality and type of your mattress will contribute to your quality of sleep and your sleeping position. If you are an athlete bad spring mattress will put a lot of pressure on your joints and bones. When this is the case, they become sore and inflamed over time. A bad mattress also causes you to move around more when you are sleeping. If your body is not comfortable, it will shift position. This shift in position means that you are having a more restless sleep, and you are more likely to shift to a bad sleeping position.

Try to find a mattress which is supportive, like a high-quality foam mattress. If you want a new mattress, then topmattress.com has a variety of mattresses listed.




Supine position is sleeping on your back. When you are on your back, your spine is aligned. Make sure that you have a firm mattress over a soft one (even if it takes some getting used to). The mattress should be supportive, letting you stay in the same position for longer.

One thing to be careful about is your pillow. You do not want to have so much padding that your neck is bent upwards. Your head should be in the same position it would be in if you are standing. This will keep the spine aligned.




Sleeping on your side is the optimum position for weightlifters. I try to do it as much as I can, and you should too. Find a pillow which puts your head in the position it would be in if you were standing. Sleeping on your side will keep your spine aligned, lessening the risk of strain and injury.

If you have a knee bent, with a pillow under it, then you will have the optimum position, which will take any stress and strain from your body. When your body is rested, it can begin to repair and grow muscle. When your spine is aligned, it can stay strong for lifting.

When you sleep better, you are happier and more motivated. Sleeping on your side is the best position if you are a lister. It may take a while if you are not used to it, but re-training your body can bring some real benefits.


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Sponsored Post – 5 Tips for Setting up Your Own Bar at Home

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Setting up Your Own Bar at Home

This guest post about setting up your own bar at home is courtesy of Paul Agelidis, the Founder, and Owner at Revolucion, a cigar, tobacco and men’s gift shop in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Improve your home by setting up your own bar at home. There are almost endless options when it comes to a bar in your home. You can make it your personal refuge or an entertainment space that will make your home the ultimate hangout destination for your friends.

This post will discuss 5 tips for setting up your own bar at home!

If you’re thinking about setting up your own bar at home, you’re not alone. Home bars are a classic renovation that is currently on the way to becoming a trend again. This has kicked off a wave of innovation and discussion on social media over what makes for the perfect home bar. From among the most tested and most talked-about features, we’ve created a list of tips that will make for the best home bar.

5 Tips for setting up your own bar at home:

Tip #1: Pick your theme before anything else

Avoid the mistake of falling in love with a set of bar furniture, only to then fall in love with a completely contrasting lighting arrangement, by setting your theme in stone before you begin. The theme will guide almost all of your major design purchases, so make sure you’ve made a final decision on the overall look and feel before anything else.

There are plenty to choose from if you’re having trouble with ideas. Consider some of these…


  • Sports bar rooms devotion to a certain team is always popular. You can dress up the room like a classic sports bar with well-placed televisions and green hanging lamps. Fill the wall with posters of your favorite teams and players to create the perfect room to enjoy the games.
  • Old English opulence can mean dark oak-paneled walls, fine paintings, and overstuffed leather furniture, and it makes for a very compelling aesthetic. This look is perfect if you want to also use your bar as a place to hang awards, travel souvenirs and other interesting pieces from your life.
  • A collector’s paradise is an alternative that doesn’t have to be dedicated to entertaining. It can also be devoted to creating a truly impressive collection of drinks from all over the world. If you go with this theme, you’re going to want a lot of display and storage space.


Tip #2: Plan around your favorite drink

Now that you have a theme in mind, take a minute to consider the technology that you’re going to be bringing into the room. Depending on what you like to drink, you may be looking at some very different storage and cooling options.


  • Beer: Beer just needs basic refrigerators, but can really benefit from coolers that have glass fronts. That way you can show off any options you have to your friends and visitors. If you want to serve beer from kegs—easily possible even in a small home bar— you can do that by placing kegs in a walkway or underneath your bar.
  • Wine: Many wines can be served at room temperature, but special wine refrigerators can preserve the character of opened or older bottles if you’re a serious collector. They are small enough that you could easily integrate them into the wall. If you really want to go all out, you can also build a mini wine cellar directly into the floor.
  • Liquor: A liquor collection doesn’t need any refrigeration at all, but a small chilling freezer will make it easy to customize the experience for guests. As many liquor bottles are rare, consider a lighted display case with the finest pieces from your collection.


Tip #3: Provide ample options for seating

Even if your home bar is going to be a personal refuge, you want to consider enough seating options for every way you want to use the room over its lifespan. Having a multitude of options will make the bar an easier place to relax and escape from the word.

Consider some of the options that are likely to be appreciated by yourself and your guests…


  • Bar stools: Bar stools are a classic option as long as they’re located conveniently close to drinks. They are widely manufactured, so if you choose this seating you’ll enjoy nearly unlimited design choices. It’s not only the colors that are highly customizable, it’s also the stands. They range from classic 50s designs that feature loops as footrests to more biker-bar styles with black leather and chrome.
  • Window seating: A home bar is still a great room when you’re not having a drink. Once it’s in your home, it will be perfect when you want a change of scenery for your meals in a room that still has adequate chairs and tables for eating. If you choose window seating, your home bar can be a great place to take your breakfast in the mornings or dinner in the evenings.
  • Cozy booths: Some renovators model their home bars after places they used to visit in their youth. If your goal is to capture a place that you once loved, you may be able to get the feeling back with some cozy booths that you can enjoy in your bar with close friends and loved ones.


Tip #4: Consider how the lighting will affect the mood

The lighting you choose will have a major impact on the feeling of the room, so it’s important to give it a lot of consideration before you begin building. Natural lighting can improve almost any room, so expanding the windows in the existing space can be a great first act of a home bar renovation.

Dim lighting can sometimes be preferable to keep with the theme. Adjustable lighting can make it easy to switch between that and the lighting you need for cleaning. Hanging shaded lamps can create that classic smoky effect that’s been used by pool halls since the 70s.


Tip #5: Think ahead about scent control


Finally, make sure that you don’t forget the importance of scent control before you finish your home bar. Even small leaks, such as those found in kegs, or spills can make for powerful smells that waft through the rest of the home. Make sure that you compensate for any of these problems by installing good ventilation, or placing plants that can spread a fresher smell.


About the Author:

Paul Agelidis has been the founder and owner of Revolucion, a Canadian cigar, tobacco and men’s gift shop in Vancouver, since 2005. For the last decade, Paul has worked very hard to become an expert in tobacco products, men’s care, travel & accessories, body & bath, and gifts & home. Prior to 2005, from 1997 – 2005 Paul worked in the wholesale cigar industry and traveled to the annual cigar trade show (Habanos Festival every February). He loves to share his tips with others who are looking to achieve a complete lifestyle with the finer things in life.


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Sponsored Post – Does an E-Cigarette Taste Like a Real Cigarette

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Does an E-Cigarette Taste Like a Real Cigarette?

Guest post by Triple 7 Vaping.

Please note that this is a sponsored post, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the founder – John Deus.

It’s the first question any smoker asks before vaping for the first time. Maybe you’ve tried to quit smoking before, only to discover that products like nicotine gum are nowhere near as satisfying as smoking. Can an e-cigarette really be a 1:1 replacement for a real cigarette? Is it possible to switch from one to the other without noticing a difference?

This article is a frank discussion of what vaping is and isn’t.

What Do E-Cigarettes Really Taste Like?

We’ll begin by answering the question above: No, an e-cigarette doesn’t taste like a real cigarette. When you take all of the reasons for that fact into account, though, you may decide that adjusting to a different flavor is a small price to pay for all of the other benefits that e-cigarettes have to offer.

What do e-cigarettes really taste like? The answer is that they can taste like almost anything. Since there’s no end to the variety of different flavor combinations that e-liquid makers can invent, there are many, many flavor profiles that haven’t been discovered yet in addition to the hundreds that already exist.

The Magic of E-Liquid

Let’s take a moment to discuss what e-liquid can do. Companies around the world create natural and artificial flavor concentrates set in oil, alcohol, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Every maker’s version of a particular flavor – strawberry, for example – tastes different. One might taste like a famous strawberry candy – probably because the maker of that candy uses the same flavor – while another might taste remarkably like a fresh strawberry. If you put those two flavors together, you’ll have something else. Now, imagine what would happen if you had the strawberry flavors from six different makers and tried them in dozens of different combinations and ratios. You could find a way to express any nuance of strawberry that you could possibly imagine.

Next, let’s take things a step further. Strawberry is just one flavor. A major maker of flavor concentrates like Capella or FlavourArt will have more than 100 different flavors available. Suppose you chose a few different manufacturers and purchased their full lineups. You’d have hundreds of different flavor concentrates at your disposal. You could combine strawberry with:

  • Cereal and vanilla flavors to create a cereal bar profile
  • Cream and vanilla flavors to create an ice cream profile
  • Milk and banana flavors to create a smoothie profile

The above examples are just the beginning; some of the world’s most interesting e-liquids combine more than a dozen individual flavors to create profiles that are complex, nuanced and entirely unique – and that’s only the start. One e-liquid maker enhances its products by aging them in oak barrels. Another maker steeps black tea and saffron in vegetable glycerin to add extra layers of complexity. With access to everything the culinary world has to offer, there really is no end to what e-liquid makers can produce.

The Limitation of E-Liquid

Now you have a better understanding of what e-liquid can do – and that means it’s time for a discussion of what e-liquid can’t do. E-liquid can produce an incredible variety of complex flavors. As a smoker, though, you know another way to create a complex flavor profile: by burning the fermented leaves of the tobacco plant. Tobacco is a special plant anyway. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have become such an important part of human history. Combine tobacco’s already unique taste with the complex chemical changes that take place during fermentation and combustion, and you’ve got a flavor profile that’s impossible to duplicate. An e-cigarette doesn’t burn, and most e-liquids contain no tobacco. An e-cigarette can’t recreate the flavor of tobacco smoke.

A Compromise for Tobacco Lovers

E-cigarettes can’t duplicate the complex flavor profile of cigarette smoke, yet millions of people around the world vape anyway. In this article, we hope we’ve given you an idea of what makes vaping so compelling for so many people. Even if you can’t imagine yourself craving anything but the flavor of tobacco, it’s likely that you will in the future when you begin to explore all of the amazing e-liquid flavors out there. For right now, though, all that you want is the flavor of tobacco. There are two different ways to approach that goal.

The first way to approximate the flavor of tobacco in an e-liquid is by breaking the desired flavor profile down into its constituent components. Nicotine actually has a slightly peppery flavor of its own. Since nicotine tastes the same regardless of whether it’s in a cigarette or an e-liquid, it goes a long way toward helping an e-liquid taste like the real thing. Mix a good amount of nicotine with some nutty, spicy, sweet and vegetal notes, and you can create an e-liquid strongly reminiscent of real tobacco. That’s exactly how most of the world’s e-liquid makers create tobacco e-liquids. You’ll find a great many tobacco e-liquids out there, and it’ll be quite some time before you tire of trying them all.

Would you like to find an e-liquid with a tobacco flavor that’s even more convincing? Above, we discussed the fact that some e-liquid makers create unique e-liquids by extracting the flavors of natural plant materials. As it happens, there are actually quite a few e-liquids available that contain real tobacco extracts. Creating a tobacco extract is a painstaking process that involves steeping ground tobacco leaves in a carrier such as alcohol or vegetable glycerin for several weeks or months, filtering the resulting extract and using it like any other e-liquid flavor. There are many different tobacco cultivars and processing methods, and intrepid e-liquid makers have created extracts that capture tobacco’s wide palette of flavors. While even a perfect natural tobacco extract can’t duplicate the flavor of tobacco smoke, it can come a long way toward capturing some of tobacco’s magic and in the process help to smooth your path from smoking to vaping.

About the Author

Jason Cugle is the Owner/Curator of Triple 7 Vaping. Triple 7 Vaping offers premium vaping products at wholesale prices and specializes in Aspire tanks, mods, parts and other accessories. Triple 7 Vaping offers lightning-fast same-day shipping on orders over $30.

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Existentialism, the illusion of self and the two idiots up in your brain!

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English is not really my first language, an excuse that should not be valid after more than two years writing articles exclusively in English, but well, here we are, I really hope you can look past the many language mistakes here, I will try to fix them as we go. 

– Introduction

The article is not discussing the myth of left/right brain theory, it is tacking on a very similar distinction from a very different perspective. 

This article, like every other article on this blog, is merely a reflection of my experience of life, and an attempt to express why and how I do what I do.

I do believe that being oblivious to the complexity of life is the optimal way to achieve happiness in its modern meaning, but the flaw in this is that it leaves the door open for others to easily manipulate you, because such “happiness” can be destroyed by a couple of questions, and its destruction often lead to very dangerous outcomes, such as terrorism and/or suicide.

So today, we will talk about my own observation of the human brain and how I come to understand it.

Every science on this earth was created in hopes of figuring out what the fuck is going on around us, from the experience based sciences such as biology and physics to a more hypothetical science such as philosophy and a great part of physiology.

Why would you ever want to indulge yourself in such a shitshow you ask? rather than focusing on the “good vibes” and a “be happy” consumerist lifestyle?

It’s because of how your brain functions, its inability to enjoy the same stimulus for a long period of time, and its tendency to crash-land into a dark, and very harmful ideas that lead to possible dangerous outcomes.

It is because of the fact that there are many harmful ideologies that live off your ignorance, by abusing your gullible mind through presenting problems that you were previously unaware of, then blowing out the consequences of these problems completely out of proportions, and finally presenting their ideology as the ultimate and only solution to these problems and many more!

And finally, because of your need for a clear ground to build your life on in order to fight uncertainty and provide a better experience of life for you and those around you.

So, low-key, its hella fun!

– Basic Arguments of Existence 

I, the one writing this article, and you, the one reading this article are two different people, and we both exist.

I know that I exist because of my thought, my unique experience in life and the vast overwhelming benefit of not thinking otherwise.

I know that you exist and other people exist because the only other option is that you are a figure of my imagination or as newly put, a simulation and that cannot be; that can not be because I dream, and I trip on drugs, and I realize that my dreams are not real because they never teach me anything I do not already know, because they never present me a complexity that I can not understand, and thus they are not real, and they can not be a simulation because they are conveniently inconvenient, if that makes any sense. 

What I am trying to say is, you are real and others are real because I drive a car and use a laptop and a mobile, and all that I have very little understanding of how they work, or how to make one, and thus they were not created by me and thus they exist as much as I do.

If that made no sense, or if it was debatable, as it might be, then for the sake of this article, let us assume the other option, which is that it is far more beneficial for us to believe that we actually exist than to believe otherwise. 

Many great minds tried to make sense of our own existing, and figure out our purpose and meaning, looking at the problem from every possible angle, reaching some amazing and compelling conclusions.

– You are two, at least two. 

I have some issues with these “school of thoughts”, all of them.

They all assumed I am one, they all assumed they are one, one individual, one mind, one logic.

But that can’t be the case.

I know I am two, at least two.

Two different distinguishable people, able to drive my one body in very similar manners.

I am not describing mental illness here, I am talking about sane, normal, everyday people, every single “one” of them is at least two people.

How do I know that?

I know that because I was angry before, I was afraid, I was in love and I felt euphoric.

In every single situation, I made decisions and looking back at it, they weren’t the decisions I usually make, whoever that “I” I always refer to as myself.

To give you an easier example to understand what I am talking about, let’s do a little experiment:

Go grab a lighter

hold it with your right hand

Light it

Now stick your finger in the flame.

At that exact moment you try to do that, you will start to feel the presence of the other “you” disagreeing with “you”.

You want to stick your finger but you can’t, your finger is not going for it, or if it is going for it, it’s just flying over the flame, its like there is some other thing telling your hand not to do that.

But when I told you to grab the lighter you did it without this argument, then why did that happen?

And is there actually an argument?

Did you hear a voice in your head telling you not to do it? or was it just a feeling?

From this, we can deduce that your decision-making process is not unified with one opinion. Even though “you” wanted to do it, you couldn’t do it because “you” wouldn’t let you do it, but that “you” doesn’t really speak an actual language, instead it makes you feel stuff, or think visually.

“Sure let me just throw all my valuable belongings that can potentially be used as a weapon in case of need and let me just run away like a fool.” said no brain, ever.




-Your happy but gullible self. 

We usually call these “Natural reflexes”, and surely they are, but the point here is that these actions were made by a decision, a decision you sure as hell didn’t make.

You always look at similar incidents and think back “oh, I should’ve done this and that instead” implying that no it wasn’t a quick decision, but rather a decision made entirely by someone else.

As far as we know about these reflexes, they are most evident in case of emotional high points, they kinda come built-in, and most of them are very similar across cultures, ages and species, yes species.

We usually describe an individuals action at an emotional highpoint as “animalistic”, you can easily see such behavior when someone is very angry.

These examples are the most basic illustrations of this other entity making decisions or sometimes overruling decisions made by the conscious you. 

But are these decisions limited to quick whims of reactions or can they take control for longer? 

Perhaps long enough to a degree where one “you” completely overtakes the other? 

I believe and have some valid examples to illustrate that your unconscious mind can take control for a long period of time and your conscious mind can do the same, and weirdly each one of them takes you to a certain end, and that end unfolds very similarly in everyone unfortunate enough to follow either path. 

Again, I do hope you are able to look past my very basic language and my mistakes, I am trying my best to make sure that I am expressing my point clearly regardless of the language rules that I happen to have very little knowledge of. 

So back to the point on hand, can you, for example, get caught up in your subconscious so deeply that your “conscious you” is no longer able to take control? 

Yes, and here is How I know:- 

If you observe an infant up until they get a couple of years old, you will find no signs of logical thinking or reasoning outside of emotions, a very young individual is simply incapable of that and that is why we opt for emotionally stimulating methods of fear and reward to deal with them at that age. 

But that is still not an evidence of having that part take extended control of you after that period, maybe it is just a matter of an undeveloped brain? 

Ok, how about a terrorist going to blow himself up? 

ISIS, as shitty as they are, offered us a unique and quite neatly documented and filmed insight into the twisted minds of terrorists, or to be put more accurately, into the minds of normal people after getting bent enough due to circumstance, environment, and people with agendas. 

ISIS has a weird, but obviously necessary, ritual right before they send one of their blank slates to blow him/herself up, and that ritual is that they bring one sheikh and he starts telling him/her about heaven and the virgins and he observes the soon to be kebab and how he reacts. At first, I thought they do the same thing for everyone, but after watching enough of those, I understood what they are looking for. 

You see, that sheikh usually starts with heaven and hell, the stuff you will have in there and what not, you know, the usual stuff we hear from religious people, then, if the individual is not showing sign like crying, laughing or both at the same time, the sheikh digs deeper, starting to talk about how he will make his commander/prophet/father etc. proud and how he will meet them in heaven, still,  if no signs of EMOTIONAL HYSTERIA is showing, the sheikh will keep on giving this emotion enticing speech until the terrorist starts showing off those signs, then he’ll be ready to go! 

If you think about it, this ceremony is very critical for the success of the operation, you can’t really talk yourself into pressing a button that will rip you to shreds, but you can bet your ass you’ll do it on an emotional highpoint, just as you sometimes get so angry that you feel you are about to stab someone if presented with a knife and an asshole in a convenient setting, yet outside of your rage you are a peaceful and loving individual. 

 And a terrorist is just like that, someone stuck in that moment of rage for quite a while, and they got stuck because life no longer made sense to their logical self, war tends to do that quite effectively, hell, to be honest, your “logical” self is not that hard to short-circuit. 

You will notice that a lot of our lives entertainment depends on short-circuiting your “logical” self, nightclubs with their flashy lights and obnoxiously loud music is designed to short-circuit our brains from noticing how bad the place smells, how overcrowded with sweaty people it is, how poorly ventilated it is and how overpriced the drinks are. 

Movies are another great example. 

So far we know that temporarily shutting down your capabilities to think logically leave you an easy target for manipulation and to do that we must present ourselves with high-intensity emotional stimulants for some period of time. 

So what else? Do we always fall fools for the tricks of a nightclub? or it will, after a while, wear off because we got so used to it and it became so predictable that we no longer fall for it, it no longer has the ability to stimulate our emotions to the needed level?

We have all been there before, something we used to enjoy immensely no longer stimulate us, and thus, no longer fun to do. 

So what does that tell us now? 

We can draw a conclusion saying that we need emotional stimulates to “have fun”, these stimulants do not have to make sense and they rarely do, and finally and most importantly, our logical self is pretty fucking boring. 

-Your boring rational self.

I think a lot of you will disagree with me on this one, but please give me the benefit of the doubt. 

As someone who just recently took on writing for this blog – and clearly sucks at it, but this is beyond the point – I had logically assumed that when I have a steady, comfortable and routine life, I will be able to write articles freely and have all the time I need to write my heart out, but that was not the case. 

Yes, after having a steady life I have more time to write, but suddenly I became uninspired. Having a steady and predictable life gets you accustomed to your logical boring self.

That doesn’t mean you will be sad, that rather means that you will be apathetic, you are neither sad nor happy, you just exist. This state is very good for running a business as all your moves are calculated and clearly thought out, but it definitely sucks for writing, composing, drawing or anything that requires creativity. 

If you think about that for a minute you will understand the whole point of this article. 

How can I, someone who wrote an article that was featured on The Guardian – self-boosting time!, who thought that the only obstacle between me and writing many articles was just time, and always thought that I have a huge stream of content to provide, suddenly find myself as empty as a recently painted white wall? 

I know I have the ideas in me, I know what I want to write about, I just can not write it. 

Regardless of the effort I put in I still can’t form a good 500 words article that slightly entertaining to read, I can definitely come up with the words necessary to express the idea but it always comes out boring and bland. 

And that was because I was stuck in my logical self. 

Only a good heartbreak or some emotional turmoil can make me write entertaining articles, draw, or play the piano for hours. 

That is why excellence shines through struggle. 

I do not think that any of this comes off as new or shocking information for you, where I am going with this is to help you and me put the pieces together in order to understand a bigger picture. 

So far I can say, from the arguments above, that if you let your deep emotional-self take control, you can, and with some unfortunate events, become a terrorist! 

But what if you let your deep logical-self take control, where can it take you? 

I believe that it will take you to a state of absolute nihilism. 

It is interesting to see the progress of the philosophy of some of the great minds humanity had to offer, reading through a number of philosophers work and its progress, you will find a fair number of them reaching the conclusion of nihilism, the oblivion to joy and the belief of an unworthy life. 

Arguing with a religious person, regardless to which religion they belong, I found them to usually express the fear of what an atheist would do, now I brought this subject up due to the weird symmetry that religious people draw between atheist and nihilist, as if the rejection of fear is a rejection of the whole spectrum of emotions?

To some extent, atheists tend to be nihilistic in nature, because after all, when the god argument is gone, it is hard to come up with a mass convincing argument to the reason of life. 

Anyway, a religious person expressing the fear of an atheist which in his mind is a low-key nihilist is due to the religious person believing the atheist/nihilist lacks a moral compass and thus is capable of doing horrible things without regards to anything. 

Now the idea of an atheist/nihilist doing a horrible thing due to a lack of a moral compass is a logically valid idea but based on a very flawed understanding. 

A nihilist is not someone who lacks a moral compass, a nihilist in the shallow way I am describing here is someone who is too “woke” to let their emotions loose or give in to emotional stimuli in order to leave the deep logical state they are stuck in. 

It is a really thrilling experience to lose your moral compass and act your will without regards, but this in its definition cannot be coming out of nihilistic viewpoint since the expression of such Moralless behavior is certainly illogical and definitely emotionally motivated. 

I am obviously leaving two outliers here that do not fit with what I expressed so far, and those are people suffering from clinical depression and psychopaths, as these cases are unique to the norm, and interestingly lie on exact opposite ends. 

There is so much more to talk about, and thus I will leave it to the second part of this series. 

If you made it this far, then thank you for looking past my silly language mistakes and I hope you share with me what you think about this as I do not intend it to be taken as the truth but rather to be a thought-provoking article that will help me as well as you better understand each other. 

If you have any feedback on this article whether it is positive or negative you can write me on @johndeus1 on Instagram or on john@mysupremacy.com

So to summarise 

-Here is the TL;DR 

A normal healthy individual is a mixture of two people in one body, one is emotional, fun, incapable of expressing him/herself in words and prefers to do so in pictures, the other is logical, boring, and can express him/herself in words and usually have long talks with itself. It is best to have a healthy mixture of both, allowing each side to take control on appropriate times and enjoying both pieces of the puzzle, the downside is that if you lacked the knowledge of the distinctive needs and wants of each side, you will live your life chasing unsatisfying goals while blaming the part that had nothing to do with it. Your other options are not looking too good either, you can completely indulge in a hedonistic or at the least an oblivious emotional lifestyle where you leave yourself vulnerable to manipulation by people with juicy agendas throwing questions sparkled with “meaning” and “bigger picture” that will ruin the fun forever and maybe cause you to go batshit crazy, or you go logics way and end up not seeing any point to anything due to you blocking any fun to ever come your way and probably end up killing yourself – please do not do that -. 

I am obviously glossing over a lot of things here, life is too complicated, and I did not figure it out I am just merely trying to. I will talk more about the things I glossed over and some new angles to look at this shitshow, and as I said I really need your help on this one, so please share your interesting thoughts either through my Instagram @johndeus1 or through email john@mysupremacy.com or simply leave a comment. 

Thank you for giving me a chance that went longer than 3000+ words <3


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How a Mattress Can Affect Your Sex Life – Sponsored Post

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I love to sleep. There is nothing quite like getting under the blankets and drifting off after a hard day at the office and gym. Really, there is nothing better to do in your bed. Well, there is one thing which is better (and it does not have to be done in your bed). Of course, I am talking about sex. If there are two things we do in our beds, it is either to sleep or have sex. Though, we usually do more of the former. There is checking social media too, which might come as a close third.


When it comes to sex, everything has to be right. You want to have the best sex of your life. You want your partner to have the best sex of their life. You want it to be magical. But, is it always magical? What can you do to make it better?

Sleep itself

comfortable sleeo

First of all, let’s talk about sleep. If you are not sleeping well, you are not going to want to have sex. When you are tired, you do not want to do a lot, but sex is usually furthest from your mind. If you can get a good night’s sleep, you are going to have more energy, happiness, and motivation. The same goes for your partner. If you have an old mattress, then now is the time to ditch it for a new one.

Springs vs. foam

Some people claim that a spring mattress is too noisy, while others claim that a foam mattress is not firm enough. The truth is that both can be very good beds for sex. The only thing you should be considering is the comfort. You can find really good spring mattresses which make no noise, and you can find firm foam mattresses which offer good support for all of your weird positions.


Good support

Not the emotional kind, but the firm kind. When you are looking for a mattress, you want a mattress which will support you. You do not want to be sinking too far into your mattress, or you will feel like you are having sex on a marshmallow (unless that is your kind of thing). A mattress should be firm enough for you to, well, move in all directions.


To get a little scientific, there is a big chance that at least one of you are going to be lying on the bed. You want a bed which will support your weight, and help to align your spine. If your body is comfortable, you will enjoy the pleasure of sex a lot more. If you can come out of the session with no injuries, then all the better.



You are going to be getting hot and sweaty, I am sure. I know that I do (is that too much information?). Anyway, you want a mattress which is breathable. A mattress where the air can flow freely and the moisture can be wicked away. If you have a mattress which gets too hot or wet, then it is going to put you off more sex (unless that is your kind of thing).


Wrapping up

Sex is an amazing thing. The pleasure we get from it is unmatched by any other activity. Having someone share your bed and body is part of what life is all about. If you have the right mattress, then you can be prepared for the best night of your life.

Take the time to consider exactly what you need in a mattress, and then stick with the one you have or choose one that is better.


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Vaping vs. Smoking, Breaking down the differences – Sponsored Post

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What is vaping? Is it healthier than smoking? If so, why do some studies such as the infamous formaldehyde letter keep pointing out that vaping is at least as harmful as cigarettes, if not more harmful than combustible smoke?

To answer these questions, we’ll have to break down the main differences between vaping and smoking, including how it’s done, the ingredients that both vaping and smoking consist of, cost, and more.

The Basics

Both smokers and vapers use an “item” to deliver smoke into their lungs. The main difference between the two is in the “item” used.

Smoking Basics

As most of us know, smokers use cigarettes, which they light up in order to produce inhalable smoke. If they want to continue smoking, smokers throw out the bud and light up another cigarette. Cigarettes are non-reusable.

Vaping Basics

There are three major “items” that people use to inhale their vape. All of these “items” are electronic devices that are commonly referred to as e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes usually fall into one of these three distinct categories:

● Minis (Cigalikes)
● Vape Pens
● Mods (APVs – Advanced Personal Vaporizers)

Minis are small electronic devices that closely resemble a combustible cigarette (which is why they are also known as cigalikes). Minis are available as both rechargeable and disposable models, and you can even buy one at your local gas station at a reasonable price. However, they are somewhat short in battery life, flavor options, and general customizability as well.

Vape pens are larger electronic devices that follow the shape of a pen, and this is where their name is derived from. Vape pens are slightly larger and bulkier than minis, but they tend to perform better when it comes to battery life, customizability, and e-juice flavors (e-juice is the liquid that goes into these pens and later provides the aerosol to be inhaled).

Finally, there are Mods or Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs in short). These electronic devices are the most customizable of the three but are usually more expensive and harder to find as is. However, this is the preferred device for the majority of advanced vapers because it offers everything the first two e-cigarettes do, and more. Because of their build, Mods are usually pricier than both cigalikes and vape pens. If you’re interested, you can even order them from trusted vape retailers (we recommend our friends over at Vaper Empire and smokingthings.com)


Both vaping and cigarettes produce smoke, so what’s the big difference here? The major difference that confuses the majority of people are the ingredients that produce the smoke of these two separate items.

Smoking Ingredients

To produce smoke, smokers have to light up the cigarette, which leads to tobacco combustion. This chemical process releases thousands of chemicals, 20 of which have a strong correlation to being the main cause of cancer. These chemicals are commonly referred to as “carcinogens”, and some of them include:

● Nicotine
● Formaldehyde
● Arsenic
● Hydrogen Cyanide
● Ammonia
● Carbon Monoxide
● Nitrosamines
● Benzene

As we mentioned above, many of these chemicals have a strong correlation to causing a number of different diseases, including heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and more. But more importantly, these chemicals aren’t found in the cigarette itself but are rather by-products of the combustion of the tobacco leaf.

Vaping Ingredients

The process of vaping doesn’t require anything to undergo the combustion stage, which removes dozens of harmful chemicals right from the get-go. In fact, vaping aerosol contains only a few of these chemicals, as compared to the 20+ in tobacco smoke. Here are just a few of the ingredients found in vapor:

● Nicotine
● Propylene Glycol (PG, Vegetable oil)
● Vegetable Glycerol (VG)
● Nitrosamines
● Acetaldehyde

All other chemicals that are found in vaping aerosol are usually part of the flavoring. A high-quality e-juice flavoring mostly contains food-grade ingredients which are 100% safe to consume. However, these ingredients are meant to be ingested, and not inhaled, so further research may be needed to determine their real impact on human health.


When you compare smoking and vaping, the cost for each is a major difference. As a whole, vaping is a little more expensive to get into, however, it is actually much more affordable in the long run compared to smoking. The price of smoking can heavily vary depending on the number of cigarettes that you smoke each day.

Here’s how the prices compare in a nutshell:

The Cost of Smoking

A pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes can be bought for around $13 in New York. Assuming the average smoker will buy somewhere around 5 packs a week ($65), we can now add these numbers up to about $260 a month, which adds to about $3120 a year, respectively. Plus, these numbers only refer to those who buy 5 packs a week; for heavier smokers (one pack a day) the costs are even higher: $4368 — and that’s before adding up the health-related costs and increased prices of additional insurance as well.

The Cost of Vaping

To buy an electronic cigarette starter kit that will last you at least one year, you’d have to pay out at least 50 bucks (or more, depending on the brand and quality of your preferred device). However, the good news is that this is the most expensive part of vaping. Once you’ve made your choice and decided which vape starter kit you want to purchase, you can expect to spend at least $15 a week to supply your device with e-juice. That leads to spending about $60 a month or $720 a year for replenishing your vape juice – and that’s if you vape a lot.

From the math above, you can clearly see that vaping is by far the more affordable alternative of the two ($3120 a year for smoking as compared to $770 a year to vape). Plus, vaping allows you to control the number of puffs that you take without having to needlessly spend your e-juice.

Debunking Bogus Claims

Finally, what gives with the formaldehyde letter that we mentioned above? The letter claimed that, when sufficiently heated, e-cigarettes tend to produce formaldehyde from the breaking down of another substance called “glycol.”

That right there lays the major problem of the study.

Fact is, not one sane vaper would dare to heat their device to such intense temperatures. Plus, e-cigarettes themselves also aren’t able to reach such high temperatures anyway. In other words, the formaldehyde study produced results which are not replicable in the real-world usage of e-cigs.

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